Cabana Lodge
How Ba
Sanyang Beach

Cabana Lodge in Sanyang beach is a unique concept that offer a district alternative to the traditional and conventional type of tourist attraction. The lodge comprises of a unique restaurant with extraordinary seating for 60 people and will offer 6 rooms. There is also a bar and wi-fi is available. The rooms are tastefully decorated with private bathroom. Each room will be a blend of traditional elegance with typical Gambian and contemporary finishing.

The price is 1.500 Dalasi for single bed and breakfast.
Double room for a couple is 2.500 Dalasi for bed and breakfast.

At the restaurant there is a TV with football channels.

Banjul International Airport is approximately 29 kilometers away and it takes 40 minutes by car. Transport from and to the airport can be arranged at a price of 1.500 Dalasi.
  • How Ba Road, Sanyang, The Gambia
  • How Ba Sanyang Beach

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  1. Bird watching
  2. Kachikally crocodile pool in Bakau
  3. Bijilo National Park
  4. Lamin lodge
  5. Makasuto
  6. Kédougou
  7. Tanji Fishing center
  8. Tendaba camp
  9. Fatala wildlife reserve safari
  • Baboucarr Sarr has many years experience of birdwatching and has a qualification from the RSPB. He  is a great choice for guiding first-timers and repeat visitors to the Gambia. 
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Bird watching imageBird watching image
Kachikally crocodile pool image
Kachikally is a crocodile zoo in Bakau, The Gambia, about 16 km from Banjul. Today, about 80 crocodiles live at the zoo. In The Gambia, the crocodile has long been considered a sacred animal and a symbol of fertility.
Bijilo National park image
Bijilo Forest Park & Nature Trail (Monkey Park) is in the Gambia's coastal zone, next to the beach. It covers 126 acres. It was gazetted in 1952 and opened to the public in 1991. There are 133 bird species, plus primates, invertibrates, rhun palms and other trees. It is a small nature reserve near the Senegambia area which receives about 23,000 visitors a year.
Lamin lodge image
Lamin Lodge is a common lodge in the Gambia in a place called Lamin on the banks of the River Gambia. Here you will find women collecting oysters in an Oyster Farm along the river. There are also many big Baobab Trees.

Kédougou (Wolof: Keédugu) is a town in the Kédougou Region of south-eastern Senegal near the border with Mali and Guinea. It lies at an elevation of 167 m (548 ft) above sea level.
The town lies on the N7 road and the River Gambia amid the Pays Bassari hills and Fouta Djallon foothills.

Local attractions include the Dindefelo Falls and Niokolo-Koba National Park. The main sources of income in the town are agriculture, small-scale commerce, construction, and gold mining. There is a military camp, a hospital, a community radio station and library, a Peace Corps Office and a number of small businesses. The most commonly spoken languages are Pulaar, Bassari, Bedik, Diakhanké, Malinké and French.

TANJI FISHING CENTER. One of the largest fishing centers in the Gambia. Here you can buy fresh fish of different types at a very low price. It is a great experience to visit TANJI FISHING site.

Tanji is a town in Gambia, along the Atlantic coast. It is primarily a fishing town with a population of 14,531 according to the 2013 population census. The population of the town has been growing dramatically due to urban and rural migration, drawn by the fishing industry and suitable location. The Tanje Village Museum is where artisans and craftsmen engage in traditional crafts. The Tanji Bird Reserve is located 3 kilometers from the village.

Tendaba Camp imageTendaba Camp imageTendaba Camp image
Tendaba Camp is an eco-tourism camp that opens all year round and features on most bird-watching trips upriver. The camp is locally owned and managed and has a swimming pool.

The camp at Tendaba, in Gambia, is located on the river-side in the Kiang Central district about 150 km upriver from the capital of Banjul. It was built in the 1970s as a hunting lodge but now attracts mostly birdwatchers & naturalists. It can be reached by an arranged boat tour sailing up the Gambia River from Lamin or via the road on the south bank to Kwinella Village which is approximately 145 km from Serrekunda and the Kombos.

Kiang West National Park:
Boat Trip into Kisi Bolon and Tunku Creek: Charge based on a minimum of 4 persons paying.

The holiday lodge is ideal for nature lovers who wish to spend a few days or longer trekking around the bush or riverside and see wildlife up close.

About The Gambia image
The republic of The Gambia is commonly referred to as the smiling coast of Africa. It is situated in the western region of Africa with a land area of 11.295 sq km (4.361 sq miles) and with an estimated population of 2 million. The agriculturally fertile country is dominated by farming, fishing and tourism and has its capital in Banjul.